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A Big Night!

I know that I have been neglecting my blogging. I promise that I haven’t dropped off of the face of the earth! I’ve just been very busy, and blogging has just kind of fallen by the way side.

But I wanted to take a moment to share a personal post. So feel free to skip over this one if you’d like.

Last night was a big night in our family. Our oldest son got baptized! He had been asking for a while to do so, but we hesitated because we wanted to make sure that he understood the importance of such a big decision. We didn’t want him to feel pressured to do so because of us or anyone else. We didn’t want him to make the decision because his sister did it when she was his age. We wanted this to be all him and wanted to wait until he fully understood.

At first, he would say he wanted to get baptized because he knew that it was essential to his salvation, but then get scared and say, “but I don’t want to go to Heaven right now. I want to stay with you. Can I go talk to Jesus and come back?” When I explained that it doesn’t mean that he goes immediately, but when Christ comes back for His Church, it was as if a lightbulb went off and the fear of having to leave his family went away. He understood that yes, you’ve got to be baptized to go, but going isn’t immediate. He was relieved and excited.

Every church service he would ask if he could, and every time I would ask if he was sure and ask him why he wanted to. Yesterday morning he said he was tired of waiting and wanted to do it at service that night. He was sure and he understood why and he was excited!

So, like a proud mama I made the arrangements and was sure to document the event for him!

Big sister was so excited for her brother!

Changing into his baptismal robe, which was much too big even though it was the kids’ sized one. Cher.

Sister checking out his baptismal certificate – which he can’t wait for me to hang in his room!
The church kids all gathered around to watch the big event!


Look at my little man all ready to make the biggest promise of his life.

All smiles with his daddy.

Walking up to get baptized! He asked for our Children’s Pastor to baptize him.
Look at that smile!


Gone! Baptized in Jesus’ Name!


Sweet boy praying afterwards.
With his friends watching. Thanks, Aunt Jess for videoing for his Nanny!

With my sweet boy afterwards! He’s so proud of that piece of paper and what it symbolizes!

With the best Children’s Pastor in the whole world. He and his wife are doing the most amazing job cultivating a love for God in our kids!

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Allen Family

The Allen family were such a blast to work with – especially their sweet and spunky little girls! We navigated traffic and construction around the Capitol Gardens – which was where the mom and I both took our bridal portraits years ago. Despite the plastic orange caution barricades and the myriad of construction equipment, we were able to soak up some gorgeous afternoon light. And, to top it all of, the girls got to shower each other with leaves. What could be better than that?

Allens 001Allens 002Allens 003Allens 004Allens 005Allens 006Allens 007Allens 008Allens 009Allens 010Allens 011Allens 012Allens 013Allens 014Allens 015Allens 016Allens 017Allens 018Allens 019Allens 020

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Boudreaux Family

Our first scheduled session got rained out – a 10% chance of rain turned into a downpour with lightning and thunder that shook the studio windows – but I’m almost kind of glad. Why? Because we had the most perfect weather for their reschedule. It was beautiful, sunny, cool, and not a cloud in the sky. We had a blast chasing around their two sweet girls as they explored their surroundings.

Boudreauxs 001Boudreauxs 002Boudreauxs 003Boudreauxs 004Boudreauxs 005Boudreauxs 006Boudreauxs 007Boudreauxs 008Boudreauxs 009Boudreauxs 010Boudreauxs 011Boudreauxs 012Boudreauxs 013Boudreauxs 014Boudreauxs 015Boudreauxs 016Boudreauxs 017Boudreauxs 018Boudreauxs 019Boudreauxs 020Boudreauxs 021

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TMM and Venture Mom

TMM brought over the book Venture Mom to capture for her review. This book is geared towards moms who want to unleash their ideas and turn that into something that can not only fuel that creative outlet, but also provide income for their families. If you head over to their site, you can download the first chapter to check it out.

I wanted to depict the blend of motherhood, hard work, research, and how they all beautifully combine into a lovely – yet occasionally messy – life that so many work at home moms can relate to. Let’s be realistic here. Although all moms ADORE their children, there also comes the time – however frequent or rare it may be – that some form of a distraction or redirection is given so that a task can be accomplished. Sometimes it’s an appetizer so dinner can finish in the oven. Sometimes it’s an episode of Sesame Street so that a shower can be had. Sometimes it’s timed access to the iPad so that an important deadline can be made. Sometimes it’s Color Wonder markers so that an idea can be sketched out. All moms have been there in some form or other. And what better distraction could there be for a brief moment of reading than a yummy bowl of ice cream?

Be sure to hop on over and read a full review on this book and see how you might be able to apply it to your life!


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SLP+TMM+Mighty Mug+Joie de Vivre = Awesome

Although the title of this post doesn’t mention “BFFs,” it definitely could because Mighty Mug and good coffee go together like beans on rice…or peanut butter and jelly…or boudin and … now I’m just making everyone hungry. But you get the picture. TMM and I went to Joie de Vivre cafe  to review the Mighty Mug in a stylized concept I thought up.

Y’all… this mug is AMAZING! I couldn’t believe it and sat there and played with it for a while. It will.not.fall.over! If you have kids, this is perfect. I promise I’m not just saying that to hype it up and have you go to her blog and check out her thoughts on it or to go to the Mighty Mug site (but it’ll give you a coupon). It really is super neat.

And, if you’re in the Breaux Bridge area, you’ve got to stop by Joie de Vivre cafe. They’ve got the best coffee in town with the best ambiance and absolutely terrific service. mightymug004






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TMM and Apostolic Clothing Company

Apostolic Clothing Company is a modest apparel company that carries a variety of pieces – skirts, shirts, dresses, you name it – to build that perfect wardrobe for your closet. TMM was asked to review a vintage style dress, so we hit downtown Breaux Bridge with felt fedora and leopard heels in hand to practice it’s everyday wearability and twirlability (because you know ladies of all ages love a good twirl). It’s a beautiful piece that can be dressed up or down and made into the perfect ensemble with just a couple of accessories. Be sure to hop on over to her check out her full review and info about a possible giveaway…. but shhhhh… I didn’t let the cat out of the bag.




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