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Drum’s First Haircut

I can’t believe it’s already time for my baby to have his first haircut. He was just born! Better yet, I was just taking his older brother for his first haircut! Where does the time go?

I took Drum to get his first hair cut yesterday and despite feeling a little under the weather from teething and a runny nose, he was still a trooper for the whole haircut. We went to Refinery Downtown, and Katie did a great job. They engaged in “deep and meaningful conversations” and quite a lot of expressive face making.


He was enjoying looking in the mirror.



I’d love to know what he was telling her!


Checking himself out in the mirror


“Mom, what’s she doing and why are you just standing there?”


How cute is he?


He was definitely unsure of the clippers.


And now he’s looking like a big man!


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We’re Giving It Away!

I know I’ve been enjoying all of the fantastic things that Chique Bowtique has been designing. Well, we’ve partnered up to get everyone ready for upcoming Fall portrait season! September is one of the busiest months for fall portraits – the weather is starting to cool and it’s before the holiday season rush starts.  I know it seems far off, but can you believe that it’s less than 40 days away?! That’ll happen in the blink of an eye! Here’s what we’re giving away:


Here’s how it works: To enter you MUST like both Stephanie LeBlanc Photography AND Chique Bowtique‘s pages. Please share this image on your page and tag both Stephanie LeBlanc Photography AND Chique Bowtique – if we get over 100 shares we’ll give away another headpiece!!! Be sure to like the original post and comment that you’ve entered so that we can count you! Contest runs until July 31st, winners randomly drawn August 1st.

Fine print: per Facebook regulations, shares are not required for entry into this contest, but certainly are appreciated. Facebook is in no way affiliated or responsible for prize fulfillment – selected winners must contact Stephanie LeBlanc Photography and Chique Bowtique directly. Entrants must be willing to schedule a portrait session (sitting fee is not included in the giveaway) and drive to the Stephanie LeBlanc Photography studio to redeem their petite portrait credit.

How easy is that? So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Facebook and enter!


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Blast Off VBS!

There are few things that compare to the joy of doing what you love for a great cause. Which is why I am so blessed to be able to capture moments for the church my husband and I attend. We love our church family dearly and I am so happy to be able to give back – even a small amount – to the work that they do for the community. This past weekend our AH-MAY-ZING Children’s Pastor and his wife held a VBS and it was out-of-this-world! My brood loved every bit of it and I was thrilled to be able to capture the big Sunday finale. Get ready for an intergalactic journey through space as you look through these pictures! (Have I hit the overkill point with space adjectives yet? lol)

The church was transformed into a space-themed stellar set. Check out this shuttle! They actually had it producing smoke – it was awesome!



Anyone else remember when computers had CPUs? They put those old ones to great use in the set up! Am I dating myself?


Singing and dancing fun was held by all. My kids are still singing “Jesus, You’re My Superhero!”



There were space shuttle crashes courtesy of Cletus and Clovis who didn’t listen to their robot.


Here’s Reggie the Robot. He just wanted to help! My kids LOVED him!


All of our kids had a blast!



Here’s take two at a shuttle build. I don’t think Cletus and Clovis ever did make their journey to the sun, though.

IMG_6382-Edit copy



And of course some slap-stick comedy complete with astro-nut knock downs entertained the masses.



Most importantly, our kids and families had an opportunity to meet Jesus and pray at the altar. There is something so precious about that!

This is a sweet family who has recently started to come regularly. I run  into them frequently while making groceries and they are just the sweetest people!




Here’s my own little princess praying. She prayed the whole time and I just adore her little spirit!





Here’s our Children’s Pastor and our Pastor sporting their Blast Off shirts.


And these are our wonderful volunteers who gave of their time, talent, and energy to put on such a special production!


Last but not least, these three are the fire power behind the Blast Off. We appreciate all that they do for our little ones!


Here’s the highlight reel:


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Chique Bowtique Summer Catalog

Chique Bowtique has released a ton of pretties that will soon be added to the Etsy shop. Be sure to pick some up to add some pizazz to your look (and your little girl’s look) before all the big summer festivities start!


This one is my favorite. Completely unique, with a touch of timeless, and a whole lot of shabby chic:




This one is PERFECT for the 4th of July coming up!




This colorful one is my little girl’s absolute favorite. She calls it a “party hair accessory.”







Check out these colorful goodies – perfect to match nearly everything!






















This blue one is just absolute gorgeous!














How chic is this black and cream headband?













This next one was just made for a certain little girl who is being born this Fall.







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Before and Afters

IMG_5881Often times people wonder if a shot is made in the camera or in the post production. My opinion is that the answer is both. Yes, both! Firstly, a photographer needs to know what they’re doing technically and creatively to get the shot in camera. Yes, in the digital era we’re in it’s easier to manipulate a picture after the fact than it used to be in darkrooms with film – especially with so many pre-made actions that you can add if you choose. And it is great to add one’s special touches on a picture -particularly if you shoot in RAW (which I do and I think everyone should, but that’s just my opinion). But post production shouldn’t be used to “save” a bad shot. If the lighting or composition is poor, it’s poor. Likewise, if the lighting and composition is good, it’s good. There’s always room for improvement and development either way. There’s only one place to go, and that’s up! We’re all working together to better this industry and we can all succeed!

Here’s an example of what I mean:





The one on the left is my SOOC. It’s straight out of the camera and shot in RAW. Because I shoot in RAW, the files out of the camera lack any contrast and brightness and look a little flat; it’s up to me to add them in post processing. That’s just the way RAW is. Now, if someone shoots JPEG, the camera adds those and it looks different coming out. Kind of like a cake from scratch and a cake from a box. While you’re making both, you have a to do a little more work and have a little more control over the cake from scratch than the box cake. The one in the middle is one that I only processed in Lightroom where I added the brightness and contrast that I liked. The one on the right is my final that I processed in Photoshop where I ran an unsharpen filter over areas where I wanted a lot of clarity (eyes, for example) and ran a light gaussian blur over the skin of my mom and baby to add a touch of softness. While there’s not a huge jump from my SOOC to my final since I lit and shot the way I wanted it to look initially, there is a difference that I think is for the better.

Here’s another:


Again, the first one is my SOOC shot in RAW with no additional touches. While she’s beautiful and the headband is precious, it’s just lacking a bit in my opinion. The second one is after processing in Lightroom where I added the contrast and brightness that I liked. The third was after a quick unsharpen filter on some details and a bit of gaussian blur on the skin for a touch of softness in Photoshop and is my final image. There’s not a huge difference between my SOOC and my final because I tried my best to get my shot the way I wanted it to look in camera. But I think the final has just a touch extra that makes it better.

This is just the way I shoot and edit and is just to show you  a little bit of the work that goes into portraits when you hire a professional. No one who shoots RAW is going to give you their SOOC without a couple of touchups. But, similarly, there’s more to processing than running an action – although they have their place and can definitely give that extra “pop” you may be looking for.  Post processing can be a really fun way to experiment with your pictures and find a style that suits your tastes whether your a professional or just having fun. Enjoy the process!

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Sweet Baby Bethany

Not only did I get to photograph this cutie’s beautiful mama for her maternity session, but I got to cuddle with her for her newborn session. I just love sweet little newborns, and this little darling is just precious! Bethany’s hair accessories come from the fabulous Chique Bowtique.



bethanynewborn010 copy










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Louisiana District Section 3 Women’s Ministry Rally

The Breaux Bridge Pentecostals were honored to host the Section 3 Women’s Ministry Rally for the Louisiana District of the UPCI. It was the first rally for this section in many years, and the turnout was great. Thank you, social media! Guests were blessed by Sis. Gwen Porche’s message, the ministry of amazing women of God such as Sis. Joan Ewing, Sis. Julie Haygood (Breaux Bridge’s own pastor’s wife), Sis. Whitaker, and Sis. Spence, as well as The Pentecostals of Lafayette’s Creative Worship team.


Lea Dautreuil - June 1, 2014 - 3:15 am

Such a Beautiful move of God!!So thankful to be a part of this awesome church!!! :)

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Joint Service at The Breaux Bridge Pentecostals

The Breaux Bridge Pentecostals held a joint service over the weekend that pastors from neighboring churches – many of who also happily brought members of their congregations, as well as guests, were invited to attend. Total there were about seven churches aside from The Bridge – the Pentecostal churches of Berwick, Crowley – both the English speaking and Spanish speaking congregations, Evangeline, Lydia, New Iberia, and St. Martinville. It was an amazing service and I was humbled to have been asked to capture it. If you’re in need of a church home and live near any of these churches, please stop on in and visit; they’re the friendliest and most sincere people! God moved heavily in the service and many people’s lives were changed. There is just something about when God’s people join together in unity and truth instead of remaining isolated in discord and contempt. Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s a glimpse at the power that was in the church that night:



Lea Dautreuil - May 22, 2014 - 1:35 am

They are great! Such a powerful move
of the Holy Ghost!

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Happy Easter!

Can you believe that it’s already Easter time again? It’s time to bring on the smocked dresses and seersucker suits. It’s time to bring out the goodies for a Sunday dinner. But most of all, it’s time to gather together, remember, and celebrate the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ is risen! It’s definitely my favorite holiday. I just love it! And, one of our annual traditions is to take Easter pictures in the kids’ Easter outfits (that they only get to wear for pictures before the big Sunday). Here are some of this year’s portraits. Aren’t the SLP kids just so stinkin’ cute? I’ve already got the frames – Organic Bloom, of course – hanging in the living room to put these sweet pictures in.

My two oldest ones. Gosh, they are definitely all boy and all girl and different as the sun from the moon. But the love between them is so precious!


T man by himself. He is such a ham!

My boys together. They really know how to melt their mama’s heart.

All three together now. They are something else, I tell you!

My baby. Look at those rolls. I’ve never seen a cuter, squishier baby.

My daughter. She is my mini me – for better or worse. She has taught me so much about life.

Everyone together again. Crazy kids!


Happy Easter from our family to yours!!

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