Mathilda and Elizabeth

Boy! This post has been a long time coming. I kept meaning to get to the computer and blog about these beauties. But then I caught a stomach virus. And then I caught the flu. And then I dislocated a rib. Was Murphy’s Law intended just for me?! Now that I’m in the home stretch I wanted to make sure I blogged these beauties before I start posting newborns of my own little guy. Are you ready to see some gorgeous girls?

Not only are they stunning all on their own…

But when these two get together, watch out! Cuteness overload!


I love these next portraits coz I converted their mama to cloth back when her first was a few months old. So if she’s ever sold you on cloth or talked to you about it, you’re welcome – I’m totally taking credit. That being said, she has definitely gone beyond my function over form method (I’m a small stash kinda girl but can appreciate all of the huge stashes with great designs) and has become quite the collector. I love these diapers! What’s even better is that the super awesome ladies at Grovia sent some of their fabulous cloth to Laura to help her celebrate her twin miracles. Aw!!!

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